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Bighorn Sheep Hunting in Mexico with Sonoran Outfitters

Because of limited area the desert bighorn sheep inhabits and the limited number of sheep permits available, desert Bighorn sheep are without question, the hardest of all North American sheep tags to attain.

Many hunters have applied for years trying to get a Bighorn Sheep hunting permit but still stand little chance of ever being drawn. For hunters wishing to add a bighorn sheep to their collection without the long wait, our landowner permits in the Hermosillo area of Mexico offer an alternative.

All of our Bighorn sheep hunts are guided by seasoned hunting guides with many years of sheep hunting experience. The ranches we hunt encompass a huge area, much of with consists of excellent sheep habitat. Over the years we have guided our clients to many record book animals.

Bighorn sheep hunting Sonoran Outfitters

Bighorn Sheep Hunting

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