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Coues Deer Hunting with Sonoran Outfitters.

Many knowledgeable hunters consider the desert Coues Deer, because of their diminutive size, coloration, and the rugged terrain they inhabit, the most difficult of all the Whitetail subspecies to hunt.

The Sonoran Desert is well known for the trophy class bucks the region regularly produces. The rough terrain, nutritious forge and incredible genetics combine to produce more record bucks than any other area.

Our Coues Deer hunting excursions are predominately “spot and stalk” but “ground blinds” placed on or near heavily traveled trails and water holes are another viable option.

Your guides have a vast knowledge of the Coues deer, and the desert, making Sonoran Outfitters an excellent choice for that once in a lifetime hunt.

Coues Deer hunting Sonoran Outfitters

Coues Deer Hunting

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