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North American Mountain Lion Sonoran Outfitters

Northern Arizona Mountain Lion Hunts

We have a great hound hunt for Mountain Lion in Northern Arizona. We do these hunts both north and south of the Grand Canyon. You will see some amazing country! Our dogs are world class, and we have taken many giant toms. The season in Arizona is year long. We can hunt on either dry ground or with snow. We like to chase these cats from October thru March. So we can work around almost any hunters schedule. You would fly into Flagstaff, Arizona.

Arizona San Carlos Elk Sonoran Outfitters

Arizona San Carlos Elk Hunts

These hunts are conducted on the San Carlos Reservation. They are guided by licensed tribal members with years of experience taking giant bulls. September Archery Hunts have a 1 to 2 year waiting list. Archers will hunt the May Lay Gap area with the chance to take world calss bulls. January Rifle Hunts offer hunters the chance to hunt these same world class bulls as they migrate to their winter range.

New Mexico Elk Sonoran Outfitters

New Mexico Elk Hunts

These hunts are in Northern NM. The ranch is approximately 20,000 acres. If your looking for a non-draw, free range, private property quality elk hunt at a reasonable price. This hunt is for you! We offer September Archery Hunts, October Rut Rifle Hunts and December Late Migration Rifle Hunts.

New Mexico Antelope Sonoran Outfitters

New Mexico Antelope Hunts

These hunts are in Northern NM. The ranch is over 45,000 acres of some of the best antelope country in NM. We have run 100% success on this hunt for many years. Hunters can expect to see many good bucks. Our average is bucks in the 14″-16″ class with B&C scores of 75-82. There is also a real chance at taking a record book buck! A few years ago we took an 18″ 86 B&C buck! Hunts are any 3 consecutive days during the August 25 through Sept 8 season.

Oregon Black Bear Sonoran Outfitters

Oregon Black Bear

These hunts are on public and private land in Southern Oregon. Hounds are not allowed in Oregon for bear, So there are a ton of bears!!!! This hunt is spot and there is a very high percentage of color phase bears. If booked correctly, a Columbian Blacktail Deer can be added. Hunts take place from August through November. Success rate is almost 100%.

Blacktail Deer Sonoran Outfitters

Oregon Columbian Blacktail Deer

These hunts are in Southern Oregon on private and public land. We offer August Early Archery Hunts from tree stands over feeders, October/November Rifle and Muzzeloader Hunts, and Archery November Archery Hunts. If your looking for a Columbian Blacktail for the species or the chance to take a world class blacktail, This is a great hunt. Also a Black Bear can be added for a trophy fee.

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